AEGIS missile defense tested successfully

The Missile Defense Agency announced on Thursday that the AEGIS ballistic missile defense system underwent a successful intercept flight test.

The AEGIS BMD is just one component of the MDA's ballistic missile defense system. The AEGIS is capable of defeating short to intermediate range missiles, which include unitary and separating, midcourse-phase ballistic missile threats with the Standard Missile-3, as well as short-range ballistic missiles in the terminal phase with the SM-2 Block IV missile.

AEGIS is designed to take down missiles that are post-boost phase and prior to their reentry. The system works together with the AN/SPY-1 form of radar along with standard missile technologies.

The test took place at 5:25 pm, Hawaii time, on Wednesday. It started with the launch of a short-range ballistic missile target from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, Hawaii. This launch was followed be a nearby vessel, the USS Lake Erie, launching the SM-3 Block IB missile, part of the AEGIS system.

The missile delivered its kinetic warhead to the target and diverted its path using the force of the impact. The target was engaged and destroyed, making the test a complete success.

This is the 25 successful intercept of the 31 tested trials of the AEGIS program since testing began in 2002.