Battelle awarded contract to help eradicate chemical weapons

Battelle was recently awarded a contract for $76 million from Bechtel National, Inc., to support chemical weapon destruction at its Destruction Pilot Plant in Richmond, Kentucky.

The new Destruction Pilot Plant is part of the Blue Grass Chemical Agent facility. This new contract is a five-year commitment to provide technology and science services, agent air monitoring and laboratory services to execute the final phase of its demilitarization plan. Over 150 staff members will operate the pilot plant 24/7.

Battelle has played a large role in supporting Army disarmament programs in Alabama, Colorado, Utah and Maryland. Nearly all of the U.S. chemical stockpiles have been destroyed, save one remaining at the Pueblo Chemical Army Depot and Blue Grass Army Depot, to which Battelle already provides demilitarization services.

"We're pleased to begin this latest chapter in our country's important effort to rid the world of chemical weapons stockpiles," Dan Taylor, vice president and general manager of Battelle said. "We look forward to using our proven sound science and safe operating practices as we tackle