Burke outlines DoD innovation priorities

Sharon E. Burke, assistant secretary of defense for operational energy plans and programs, said on Tuesday that the Department of Defense continues to keep innovation at the heart of security challenges.

"The security of this country is an enduring mission that will never go away," Burke said. "We're going to retain a commitment to innovation, because it is at the core of how we meet the security challenges that face this country."

The DoD has made numerous spending cuts over the past few months, with more to come as the budget crisis forces the department to cut on its spending. To keep security and defenses in working order, Burke said the DoD will take a modernize, manage and technology surprise approach in its efforts to protect key investments.

"Other fighters or adversaries try to keep us out or try to control our movements," Burke said. "You can do that sometimes with fairly cheap weapons such as improvised explosive devices, rocket-propelled grenades or precision munitions that could make it hard for us."

Burke also said innovation will help with cutting back costs in areas like fuel costs and supply and storage facilities.

"Anything you do, any innovation you come up with, is going to help a man or woman in uniform who's defending this country," Burke said. "I encourage you all to take it seriously and understand that it's hard for a good reason: because we have to give them the very best options we can."