U.N. security council briefed on counter-terrorism efforts

During a U.N. security council meeting on Friday, Mohammed Loulichki, chair of the counter-terrorism committee, outlined various events of the committee and said the current effort is only as good as the sum of its parts.

The counter terrorism committee is a subsidiary body of the United Nations Security Council. Its goal is to increase the ability of all members to fight terrorism throughout the world. It is not, however, a sanctions body and does not maintain a list of terrorist organizations or individuals.

The committee was adapted after the September 11 attacks and obliges all members states to criminalize assistance for terrorist activities. The committee also requires all member states to deny terrorist safe havens, stop the raising or transferring of funds and freezing assets that are associated with terrorist activities.

Loulichki gave the security council a briefing and said the counter terrorism committee would be holding special events, including one that will focus on countering terrorism through the use of new communications and information technologies.

"The Committee and Executive Directorate will continue to enhance their ongoing dialogue with Member States, donors and beneficiaries on the facilitation of technical assistance for capacity-building, at the national and subregional levels," Loulichki said.