Ambassador Davies discusses North Korea with press

At a stop at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul on Monday, Ambassador Glyn Davies, the U.S. special representative for North Korea policy, answered questions from the media.

North Korea issued a series of threats over the past few months, warning of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil and all out war on its neighbor, South Korea. This is a trend which has been seen in the past.

Davies answered questions from the media before heading to the Ministry of Unification and the Blue House to speak with colleagues. He said North Korea's recent reduction of threats may not mean an ease of tension on the Korean peninsula.

"North Korea creates the impression that they are easing tension because they cease doing provocative and dangerous and destabilizing things," Davies said. "But I do not think that is the same as easing tension. I think easing tension and making diplomatic progress will come when North Korea begins to live up to its obligations and to meet its expectations and gets back on the path of diplomacy and denuclearization."

Davies also said that the recent actions of Chinese banks closing accounts in North Korea is an important development in the situation. Davies believes the Chinese are starting to change their thinking about their ally North Korea.

"I think North Korea is too important an issue really to get drawn into some of these other ongoing questions that are out there," Davies said. "That particular issue is not one that I work on, this issue of regional relationships so much. But again, from the North Korea perspective, we think it is very important that we continue to find ways to work together."