U.S. Army seeks biodefense company to develop JBTDS system

The U.S. Army posted a formal notice on Tuesday seeking a company to develop and produce systems for the Joint Biological Tactical Detection System, including biological warfare agent detection, collection and identification hardware and software.

The JBTDS system is a lightweight biosurveillance system designed to find aerosolized biological agents by analyzing questionable substances detected in-air and testing to confirm its identity. The system will warn of biological attacks and notify operators of downwind hazards in near-real-time to effectively prepare response teams.

The contractor for this project will be responsible for obtaining, altering and integrating Commercial Off The Shelf sensing technology, engineering and manufacturing development of technical software and logistics data, manufacturing systems to test low initial production and full rate production methods and supporting government tests and operations.

The Army has asked any interested parties that are capable of developing such a system to submit capability statements.