Hotzone trains with French fire fighters

Two instructors from Hotzone Solutions gave support to the Centre d'expertise Sécurité Nucléaire - Nucléaire, radiologique, biologique et chimique to train fire fighters in Cazaux, France from March 25 to 29.

CBRN handling is an important part of the modern world. Numerous CBRN threats arise on a daily basis, and having firefighters who are capable of dealing with these threats is important.

While CBRN material can cause mass destruction, that is not always the case. Numerous types of hazardous material can be grouped into the CBRN category, making it a broad category that is sometimes difficult to prepare and train for.

13 fire fighters attended the CE-SN-NRBC and Hotzone Solutions training course. The course went over theoretical modules and practical exercises, which included situations that deal with chemical and biological threats.

Hotzone Solutions contributed by adding their chemical warfare agent simulants to the course. The Hotzone instructors showed how to use these stimulants during the training and assisted the preparation of indoor and outdoor practical exercises, while also testing the proposed scenarios with the other instructors.