U.N. Investigation team has "no conclusive findings" on chemical weapon use in Syria

An independent United Nations panel said on Monday that it has found "no conclusive findings" of chemical weapon use in Syria, although a final statement must be made June 3.

The International Commission of Inquiry on Syria was established in August 2011 and is composed of members Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Karen AbuZayd, Carla del Ponte and Vitit Muntarbhorn. The Commission was mandated by the Geneva-based Human Rights council to investigate chemical weapon usage in Syria, which would be a violation of international humanitarian law.

The Commission said it has not formed a final conclusion on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and that "...the Commission is not in a position to further comment on the allegations at this time." It will make an official statement to the Human Rights Council on June 3.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon renewed his appeal, initially made in March, to have an investigative team, headed by Swedish scientist Åke Sellström, research the alleged use of chemical weapons. The team has not yet received access from the Syrian government to the alleged areas of chemical weapon use.

Consultations with Sellström and all-involved organizations and government bodies are continuing during the investigation.