Troops receive refresher course in CBRN training

Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team and 1st Calvary Division received a refresher lesson on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training on May 1.

Staff Sgt. Sandra Shane-Trovato, a CBRN specialist, conducted the CBRN training. Shane-Trovato said the Chemical Corps is more active due to recent attacks. These classes are given on a regular basis to keep soldiers aware of CBRN threats.

"It's a perishable skill," Shane-Trovato said. "Just like shooting your weapon."

This is contrary to what many soldiers think of when they hear CBRN training. Most soldiers associate CBRN training with mandatory trips taken through gas chambers as part of basic combat training.

Shane-Trovato said it is important that soldiers are able to properly prepare for CBRN threats. If soldiers in a hostile environment cannot correctly assemble a protective mask, they place themselves at risk of illness or death.

The recent training contained a classroom section that discussed recent CBRN attacks, protective gear, decontamination techniques and types and levels of threats. The other part of training was hands-on instruction demonstrating how to properly assemble and wear protective masks.