Carter: Defense industry shares interests with DoD

Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter said at an award ceremony on Friday that the defense industry and Department of Defense's interests are aligning as an upcoming transition moves the DoD's focus from the middle east to Asia.

Carter gave a speech after receiving the Eisenhower Award from the National Defense Industrial Association. The award recognized his leadership and his impact on the highest levels of national security.

Carter said the DoD is making a shift from the focus on the middle east to the Asia-Pacific region. The shift aligns with the private defense industry's current goals and wishes.

"As we draw down from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our force needs to make a very difficult transition from a large, rotational counterinsurgency-based force, to a leaner, more agile, more flexible and ready force for the future," Carter said.

During his address, Carter also spoke about the budget cuts and how they would affect the upcoming transition. He said that the DoD's budget reductions and the strategic shift can reinforce one another.

"That is the task before us in the Department of Defense," Carter said. "We know, that in making this strategic transition, we only deserve the amount of money we need, and not the amount we've gotten used to. That's why, well before the current budget turmoil, we made reductions to the department's budget by $487 billion over the coming decade."