Luanda hosts two conventions to support Angola's accession to the CWC and BWC

The Organisation for the Proliferation of Chemical Weapons held two workshops in Luanda on April 22 and 23 to help support Angola's accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

Angola has publicly claimed their intention to accede to both the CWC and BWC. Foreign Affairs Minister of Angola Georges Chikoti opened the workshops by reaffirming this intention and acknowledging the importance of these treaties to the Angola Government.

The two workshops covered the main articles of both conventions, National Authorities, implementations, declarations, the accession process, confidence-building measures and international cooperation and assistance.

Over 30 participants were there for the conventions including senior representatives from Angola's ministries of Foreign Affairs, Industry, Justice, Transport, Commerce, Interior, Defense, Police, Finance and the Humanitarian Demining and Humanitarian Assistance Commission.

As soon as the instrument of ratification is signed, OPCW representatives will help guide Chikoti and other Angola officials on how to implement and maintain the treaty obligations.