AMSSA seeks decontamination products

The U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity, along with the Joint Requirements Office for CBRN Defense, said on April 30 that it is looking for products, technologies and approaches that deal with the decontamination of individuals exposed to CBRN materials.

AMSSA conducts systems and engineering analyses to enable better decisions on technology, materiel acquisitions and developing U.S. army weapon systems.

AMSSA was first created in 1938, when it was referred to as the Ballistic Research Laboratory. In 1968, AMSSA became a separate entity.

AMSSA and JRO-CBRND are looking for new technologies that can help victims of CBRN related attacks. They are looking for decontaminates that would treat the patients and ease the symptoms of the attack.

They are asking that the technology delivered be at Technology Readiness Level 4, but will consider technologies that are at a lower level. AMSSA is specifically looking for CBRN test data to show the decontamination potential, material compatibility, detector compatibility, IPE compatibility, area coverage, times to set-up and process and skill level required to use the technology.