NHDF and Ridge Global team up on security expert forum

The National Homeland Defense Foundation announced on May 2 that it is teaming with Ridge Global to create and host a NHDF Global Forum.

The NHDF Global Forum is a two-day gathering of security experts from all over the world. The forum was made to specifically bring together experts from the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and international leaders to discuss plans and strategies to maintain and improve national security in the U.S.

"Needless to say we are excited about the opportunity to partner with a respected organization such as Ridge Global," General Gene Renuart, chairman of the board for National Homeland Defense Foundation, said. "Homeland security and defense is no longer a finite 'us versus them' game. We must build partnerships to increase our strategic and tactical capabilities as well as our partners. We believe that our theme 'Fighting Future Threats: Building International Partnerships' is a perfect opportunity to foster trust, cooperation, and capability."

The forum is slated to take place in Washington D.C. in early 2014 and will be a place for experts in security and defense markets to network and discuss current plans and problems.

"We're seeing opportunity to develop strategic partnerships at an international level," former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, head of Ridge Global, said. "By bringing these pinpointed countries together, we can strengthen our own national security. The NHDF Global Forum is the venue that can accomplish this."