DoD prepares strategies for U.S. response to war in Syria

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said on Wednesday that the Department of Defense is preparing new strategies for the President to use regarding the war in Syria and a post-Assad nation.

The DoD has been looking at a wide range of potential actions to take in the Middle East ever since opposition to the Bashar Assad regime caused war in Syria. Little said the DoD is not only preparing potential strategies to implement during the war, but also preparing strategies for what to do the "day after" the Assad regime falls.

"We continue to refine those plans based on how the conflict is unfolding and based on information we receive," Little said. "That's our responsibility, and we believe it is important to have options on the shelf to pull off in case the president looks to us to execute those options."

Little said the situation is complex, as it is not only about what the Syrian people do not want, but also about defining what they would like to see after the fall of the Assad regime. The U.S. is not only working with opposition forces in Syria, but also with nations in the region and international players to find the best outcome for the Syrian people.

"This is a very complex, challenging environment, and those are factors that you have to weigh when you are working with others to define the day after," Little said. "We stand ready to provide updated options to the president whenever he asks for them. That's our job."

Little said the U.S. continues to provide nonlethal aid to the opposition. The DoD is following the White House closely to provide the region the best forms of humanitarian aid.