Emergent BioSolutions participates in Counter Terror Expo

Emergent BioSolutions participated in the Defense against Terrorism Program of Work workshop at the London Counter Terror Expo on April 24 and 25.

The workshop featured future capabilities and protection of the special operations forces community, focusing on areas like surveillance, biometrics, reconnaissance, forensics, intelligence and IEDs.

The DAT POW workshop showed an overview of various projects' deliverables. Participants were able to discuss strategies and other practices for protecting harbors and ports, large body aircraft, countering IEDs, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and consequence management, non-lethal capabilities, ISR, Human Intelligence and protecting against and defeating CBRNE threats.

"NATO is always looking to develop new, cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to protect troops and civilians,"Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO Jaime Shea said. "One of the aims of the DAT POW is to prevent non-conventional attacks, such as attacks with improvised explosive devices or mitigate other challenges such as attacks on critical infrastructure and CBRN. This workshop emphasized the importance of synergy between civilian and military organizations in order to be successful."

Emergent BioSolutions is a pharmaceutical company that offers specialized products to healthcare providers and governments. Their products tend to address medical needs and emerging health threats.

"Emergent strongly supports NATO's initiatives to educate on protecting those who protect the population," Emergent BioSolutions Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs Allen Shofe said. "NATO DAT POW workshops are highly relevant and informative as they cover various activities undertaken and coordinated by NATO countries."