Workshops organized to support Angola's adoption of CWC and BWC

Georges Chikoti, the foreign minister of Angola, recently opened two workshops in Luanda, Angola designed to support the country's adoption of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

The CWC is an agreement to destroy chemical weapons and stop their use. The BWC is another agreement that further expands on the CWC.

The two workshops are a sign that Angola is willing to accede to both the CWC and BWC, which would mean an eventual elimination of their chemical weapon supplies. Both workshops had similar goals and reviewed major articles of the CWC and BWC.

Some major issues of the conventions include national reductions in chemical weapons, international co-operation, declarations and submissions of confidence-building and assistance in the process of reducing chemical arms.

The CWC workshop had over 30 participants, including prominent members from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Transport, Industry, Commerce, Finance, Industry and Police. British and U.S. ambassadors also attended the workshop.

Angola has held out of the CWC as other countries have agreed to the terms and signed the treaty. This is the first step towards ratification of the CWC by Angola.