Abdul Samad Minty speaks on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

Ambassador Abdul Samad Minty, representative of South Africa to the United Nations, discussed the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons at the U.N. on April 24.

"Our countries are deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons," Minty said. "While this has been known since nuclear weapons were first developed and is reflected in various U.N. resolutions and multilateral instruments, it has not been at the core of nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation deliberations for many years."

Minty said the survival of humanity is at stake when nuclear weapons are concerned, and that even an accidental nuclear explosion could be devastating. He called for all states to lessen their nuclear stockpile and asked them to be careful about using their weapons.

"This is an issue that affects not only governments, but each and every citizen of our interconnected world," Minty said. "By raising awareness about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, civil society has a crucial role to play, side-by-side with governments, as we fulfill our responsibilities. We owe it to future generations to work together to rid our world of the threat posed by nuclear weapons."