New defense company launches in Pittsburgh

ChemImage Corporation, a chemical imaging technology company, announced the launch on Monday of a new Pittsburgh-based subsidiary that will focus on developing chemical, biological and explosive threat detection products.

ChemImage Sensor Systems will also use its proprietary hyper spectral imaging and filter technology to detect illicit drugs. CISS plans to leverage years of experience developing HSI sensors and filters for the purpose of real-time proximity, standoff and remote threat detection in handheld, on-the-move and fixed site configurations.

"The launch of CISS reflects the growth of ChemImage and its commitment to focus efforts on developing leading-edge technology for the defense and security industry," Matthew Nelson, the chief scientist and business director of CISS, said. "Our goal is to provide advanced products that will help to ensure the safety of civilian and military personnel from harmful threat related circumstances."

CISS is the developer of Aperio, a portable handheld product for standoff, real-time and wide-field detection. The product combines the discrimination capabilities of HSI and the company's innovative software and filter technology.

"Our team has worked tirelessly to develop this product and we are excited about the potential impact it will have on the industry going forward," Nelson said.

During this week's SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing convention in Baltimore, CISS plans to introduce two new products for real-time, wide-field standoff detection applications.