Social media makes light of North Korean threats

North Korea's recent rhetoric and threat of war has provoked a strong social media response of generally positive or neutral statements which make light of North Korea.

North Korea has given numerous warnings and threats in the past two months. The threats have ranged from warning of a nuclear strike on Los Angeles to statements that there would be war on the Korean Peninsula.

Across numerous social media sites, like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, approximately 66 percent of responses were neutral or positive, with most dismissing North Korea's talk as rhetoric. This goes against the statement by some major news outlets that the average citizen is concerned about the situation.

"North Korea is notoriously secretive and their media is largely a vehicle for propaganda," CEO of Orange County SEO Tyler Collins said. "In a nation closed off from the Internet and globalized society, it is no surprise that this messaging is largely from English-speaking citizens of industrialized nations such as the US, Canada, and the UK. Our research indicates people are dismissing this as more propaganda from a nation whose news outlets claim to have found the remains of unicorns."

A look at keywords used when discussing North Korea on social media supports Orange County SEO's assessment: the most used keywords are North Korea, propaganda, nuclear, spoof and OpNorthKorea.