PositiveID Corporation launches Firefly DX

PositiveID Corporation, a company that develops biological detection equipment, announced on April 29 the launch of its Firefly Dx detection equipment.

Firefly Dx is a portable, hand-held diagnostic system able to detect biological threats by inputting small samples, such as blood, urine or nasal swabs, into the machine. The results will come back as soon as 15 minutes.

"The need for a hand-held system like Firefly is real," PositiveID Chariman and CEO William J. Caragol said. "Whether natural or man-made, an invasive disease outbreak without proper monitoring or detection, which therefore results in less effective countermeasures, can seriously affect the health and commercial stability of livestock or human populations on a large scale."

The Firefly is intended for military use, use in remote areas that have little access to major healthcare facilities and for local police forces that need to test for biological agents.

"Recent events such as the ricin-laced letters sent to President Obama and other political leaders, as well as the emerging deadly strain of bird flu in China, underscore the necessity for a system like Firefly," Caragol said. "We have begun conversations with several potential partners to attract the research and development capital to complete the development of this innovative system."