Marines undergo biohazard training

The 26th Marine Expenditionary Unit, along with a sailor assigned to the Battalion Landing Team 3/2, underwent a level B hazardous material suit training on April 17.

Since CBRN weapons became a reality in the battlefield, regular training for different material units has been a common item. These marines, however, are specially trained to deal with CBRN threats.

"You wouldn't think of clothing or a suit as a piece of equipment, but it is so we constantly have to train with it so we don't lose our proficiency with it," Staff Sgt. Robert Manion, 26th MEU CBRN and assessment and consequence management chief, said. "It is something we need familiarize ourselves and practice with."

Handling these kinds of weapons in the field is dangerous, and the smallest mistake could lead to deadly repercussions for the MEU unit and the surrounded populace. Training helps the marines become more familiar with their equipment and prepare them for unsuspected scenarios.

"I try to get as creative as I can and I throw them curveballs to keep them on their toes," Manion said. "They are all extremely well studied, and they are all prepared for anything that comes. These guys are outstanding; I am at a loss of words to use other than just outstanding. They are all motivated, hungry and intelligent. They are the best Marines I have had the opportunity to work with."