Israeli Defense Force's Brun reviews Middle East issues at conference

Chief of the Israeli Defense Force Intelligence Directorate's Research Department Itai Brun went over the Middle East situation and what could happen there in the future at an Institute for National Security Studies conference on Tuesday.

Brun focused on two major issues in the Middle East: Iran's capability to obtain nuclear weapons and the civil war in Syria.

Syria is in a civil war that has lasted for over two years. The U.N. is currently looking into whether chemical weapons have been used in the war and whether involvement is necessary.

"In all likelihood they used Sarin gas," Brun said. "The Syrian Army has been greatly damaged, but it continues to arm itself with advanced Russian air-defense systems."

Iran, another major player in the Middle East scenario, is allegedly attempting to build a nuclear weapon. Brun said that the current regime Iran is disturbing and that they are keeping a close eye on the situation.

"Iran is advancing in the field of uranium enrichment but is avoiding other processes as a result of the great and unprecedented international pressure on it," Brun said. "The scenario in which Iran would agree to give up the program as part of a 'package deal' with other powers is in our assessment low, but the chance that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons this year is also [low]."

Brun was also asked about what would happen should Iran get nuclear weapons, and said that finding a starting point would be difficult and the only action would be to use scenarios and war games to see what might happen.