U.N. Security Council urged to act in Syria

Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and the League of Arab States Lakhdar Brahimi said on April 19 that the U.N. Security Council should act in Syria.

The Syrian civil war has raged for over two years and has escalated in the past year. Brahimi said the civil war's current state is "the most serious crisis."

The war has wreaked havoc on civilians and soldiers in Syria. Over 70,000 people have died in the conflict; millions are without homes and some have sought refuge in neighboring countries.

"The situation is extremely bad and we need action from the Council," Brahimi said. "The opposition and the government have got to accept to come to negotiations, and both sides have got to accept that these negotiations are necessary."

The Security Council was briefed yesterday by top U.N. officials yesterday on the latest problems facing relief efforts in Syria. Brahimi said that after this briefing yesterday, he tried to create a "Syria Plan" with the members of the Security Council.

"I am very happy that the Americans and the Russians are talking to one another," Brahimi said. "I'm very happy that from the discussions we just heard, the Security Council is now very aware that this is an extremely serious problem. As a matter of fact, the most serious crisis."