Nuclear energy use and disaarmement discussed at fourth P5 conference

The five Nuclear-Nonproliferation Treaty nuclear-weapon states met for the fourth P5 conference April 18 and 19 to discuss the issues of the three pillars of the NPT before the 2015 NPT Review Conference.

China, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States compose the five member states of P5. These nations met this past week to discuss the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and disarmament and its three pillars, which are confidence-building, transparency and verification experiences.

The conference examined progress towards the implementation of Article VI of the NPT, which outlines goals for nuclear disarmament. Strategic ability and international security were discussed, as well as how to work together to ensure global nonproliferation.

A special focus was given to matters of disarmament and P5 reviewed what progress has been made to date in the matters of avoiding the usage of nuclear weapons. The P5 stated it was disappointed that the Conference on Disarmament has not been able to come to a consensus about an international ban on fissile missile use in nuclear weapons.

Along with issues of nonproliferation, the countries also discussed responsible uses of environmental resources, the Antarctic Treaty and the New START Treaty.

Other topics reviewed were each country's involvement with the International Atomic Energy Agency, conflict in the Middle East, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, NPT withdrawal prevention and matters of the nuclear-weapon-free-zone treaties.

All matters of progress towards the NPT were reviewed and parties planned a fifth conference to take place in 2014 to again review its advancements.