American and South Korean generals reaffirm allegiance in meeting

Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Gen. Jeong Seung-Jo, Republic of Korea Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff held a meeting in Korea to discuss current issues and to reaffirm allegiances.

Tensions have been high in the Korean peninsula for over two months. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has issued numerous threats and warning of an upcoming attack. His actions have included moving missiles for launch and shutting down a factory that was jointly worked with South Korea.

The meeting reviewed some of the North Korean policies. Both generals agreed they would give strong action to further North Korean aggression.

The two generals discussed the mutual defense treaty at the meeting, agreeing to enhance mutual security and defend the Republic of Korea. This would include bolstering South Korea's nuclear umbrella network, along with strengthening the usual network of conventional strike and missile defense capabilities, and preparing for any threat to the Northeast Asia area.

Their meeting ended with talks of the Strategic Alliance 2015 implementation plan. Preparations for the plan are currently on track for the sighted goal.

Both generals said the discussion gave a significant contribution to the defense of South Korea and that they would have another committee meeting sometime in 2013.