Hagel: Budget request best option for Defense Department

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on April 16 that President Obama's budget request for the Defense Department was the best effort to keep the department running at an appropriate level.

Budget debates have been raging in congress and numerous cuts have already been made. One of the affected departments has been the Department of Defense. If the budget request for the DoD does not go through, it could affect the defense strategic guidance.

The request involves inspecting the budget and checking what is needed and not. Doing so may allow the request to be approved and an $526.6 billion budget to be given to the DoD.

"I asked for that review in order to assess the potential impact of further reductions up to the level of full sequester," Hagel said. "The purpose of this review is to reassess the basic assumptions that drive the department's investment and force structure decisions."

The results of the review will be given at the end of May and will be used not only for this request, but for looking at the 2015 budget request. Hagel said that there will be significant budget tweaking to save money, but it cannot be done if it comes at the cost of significant threats to national security.

"We are now in a different fiscal environment," Hagel said, "dealing with new realities that will force us to more fully confront these tough and painful choices and to make the reforms we need to make to put this department on a path to sustain our military strength for the 21st century."