Chemical weapons use reported in Syria

Chemical weapons were allegedly dropped in a civilian area near Aleppo from a Syrian Army helicopter on April 14, killing a woman and two children, according to Al-Arabiya.

Physicians in the Sheikh Maqsood area of Aleppo reported that victims of the alleged chemical attack suffered hallucinations, vomiting, excess mucus and burning of the eyes, Al-Arabiya reports.

The Syrian Expatriates Organization demanded an immediate response from the international community, including humanitarian and political organizations and the United Nations, to condemn the alleged use of these weapons in Syria.

There have been other alleged chemical weapon attacks in Jobar, which is located near the capital city of Damascus, and Homs. A soil sample test by British scientists found hard evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria on April 12, and measures are being taken to address this violation of international law.

"Syria is believed to have one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world," SEO Board Member Bassam Jaafar said. "Assad has proven that his regime is either incapable of securing the chemical weapons, or is using them against the Syrian people. In either case, the Assad regime is ultimately accountable for any harm that befalls the Syrian people as a result of chemical weapons exposure and attacks."