Team CBRNE demo given to Under Secretary of the Army

Joseph W. Westphal, the Under Secretary of the Army, visited the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center on March 28 to view some of the equipment being used at the ECBC.

The director of ECBC's Chemical and Biological Application and Risk Reduction Business Unit, Tim Blades, met with Westphal when he was touring the facilities. They looked at previously used destruction equipment from past deployments around the world along with recent engineering designs for new prototype elimination systems.

"ECBC's role was to provide some visibility of our rapid prototyping solutions for weapons of mass destruction elimination," Blades said. "We've been working with ADM for the last two months on a high-priority project and it has really been an excellent learning experience. ADM has some neat design tools that have worked well with the things that CBARR does."

They also toured the Prototype Detonation and Test Destruction Facility, which showed ECBC's capability to provide field deployable solutions for weapons of mass destruction. A field site was set up to show the different kinds of deployable equipment.

"This is the first time CBARR is working with ADM in this capacity," Blades said. "It's a collaborative effort to formulate a concept into a working solution, and they've really been a part of that. Working together we can take a problem, figure out the tool that best works for the job, test it using ADM's rapid prototyping capability and then implement it into our missions - and that's pretty powerful."