Ventrell: U.S. condemns violence in Damascus

Patrick Ventrell, the acting deputy spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, condemned the Syrian regime on Monday for its recent aerial bombardment of a neighborhood in Damascus.

"We're horrified by the reports that at least 30 children were killed in violence across the country yesterday, including many who were subject to the regime's aerial bombardment in the Qaboun neighborhood of Damascus," Ventrell said. "The regime's actions show not only disregard for the lives of its most vulnerable citizens, but a complete disregard for international conventions on the rights and protection of children."

Last week, Ventrell likewise condemned an attack by Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime against its own people in several other residential areas of Damascus. The attack killed approximately 20 people and wounded dozens of other civilians.

"We have consistently in the past condemned events that target civilians and perpetrate this kind of violence," Ventrell said. "And let me add to that and just say there clearly are some elements - like we've been very clear about al-Nusrah and some extremists elements - who perpetrate a vision and perpetrate violence that is directly at odds with the well-being of the Syrian people. And so we roundly condemn that."

When asked to confirm a trilateral agreement between the U.S., Jordan and Saudi Arabia to control the weapons and training flowing to the Syrian opposition to stop the proliferation of arms into terrorist organizations like al-Nusrah, Ventrell declined to comment one way or another.