Global Information announces Biodetection Technologies 2013 conference

Global Information, Inc., an information service company, announced on Thursday that the Biodetection Technologies 2013 conference will take place on June 18 and June 19 in Alexandria, Virginia.

The conference is the 21st in GII's detection technologies conference series. Biodetection Technologies 2013 is an internationally recognized meeting for experts in the detection and identification of biological threats and analytical methods for the point-of-care. The conference gives end-users the opportunity to discuss biodefense and biomedical technologies and explore the cutting-edge commercialization and research and development efforts in the field.

Letha Sooter of West Virginia University will deliver a presentation at the conference on molecular recognition elements in sensing applications. MREs are biomolecules that have a high affinity and specificity for a target, and can be incorporated into an array of sensing devices using conjugation technology. Scientists have isolated MREs against biowarfare agents and pesticides and have incorporated MREs into optical sensing platforms.

The conference will also feature a biosurveillance symposium to bring together the biosurveillance community to address shortfalls and requirements for identifying biological agents. The symposium will take place the day before the conference on June 17.

The conference is organized in conjunction with and as part of the Knowledge Foundation's Next Generation Defense and Security Trade Show and Expo.