Raytheon awarded $35.9 million border control contract

Raytheon Company announced on Thursday the reception of a $35.9 million border security contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Over the span of three years, Raytheon will design, develop and enforce a surveillance system along parts of the Jordanian border. The contract also names Raytheon responsible for training, maintenance, repair and equipment.

"Raytheon's global reach and the Jordan project affirm our ability to provide subject matter expertise and solid experience on cooperative threat reduction programs in all regions of the world," Raytheon Vice President John Harris said."Our company is committed to offering competitive, open architecture solutions that employ equipment and sensors best suited to a country's requirements and that can adapt to the needs of customers like DTRA in making the world more secure."

Raytheon has worked with the DTRA before under numerous contracts. The CTR Integrating Contract awarded to Raytheon in April of 2011 has indefinite terms in regard to delivery and quality; the Jordan project is part of this contract.