Canadian airports receive new explosive detectors

Smiths Detection, a technology company that provides security solutions to civil and military markets, has begun delivery of over 100 advanced explosive trace detection systems to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

The IONSCAN 500DT is a device made by Smiths to detect explosives. It is a desktop device and will be used, in conjunction with X-ray scanners, for carry-on luggage at Canadian airports.

The IONSCAN 500DT works by analyzing swab samples of surfaces. The device can detect both trace explosives and narcotics.

Over 24,000 systems have already been sold by Smiths. They are being used in a variety of locations including corrections facilities, court security checks, aviation security and force protection.

"The IONSCAN 500DT, developed and manufactured in Canada, remains one of the most widely deployed trace solutions at airports around the world," Smiths Vice President of Sales René Shink said. "CATSA is a valued and long-standing customer and we are delighted that our technology continues to support their layered security requirements."

Smiths offers a variety of security solutions to military and government-related organizations. It manufactures and develops technology products that detect substances ranging from explosives to chemical and biological agents.