Third international nuclear security school opens in Trieste, Italy

The International Atomic Energy Agency announced on Wednesday the opening of the International School on Nuclear Security in Trieste, Italy, a program that teaches young professionals how to improve national nuclear security.

The IAEA and its member states are trying to improve the international nuclear security framework to secure nuclear material in storage, use and transport. The program will teach young professionals from developing countries involved in nuclear security how to improve their countries' nuclear security programs.

"Unless states have a sufficient number of well-educated and trained staff with the right competence and skills, nuclear security cannot be sustainable," Khammar Mrabit, the director of the IAEA's Nuclear Security Office, said.

The school, which opened on Monday, is jointly organized by the IAEA, the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Partnership for Nuclear Security. The two-week program combines IAEA technical expertise with the ICTP's international network of researchers from developing countries.

Since the school's establishment by the Italian government in 2010, two schools have successfully concluded, reaching more than 100 young nuclear security professionals from 50 countries. This year's program will instruct 47 participants from 39 states.

Experts from the IAEA will conduct lectures during the program related to international legal framework, illicit nuclear trafficking and remedies to threats against nuclear security, among other topics. The program will conduct practical exercises to help the attendees to incorporate the knowledge into actual plans and procedures.