Pakistan participates in CWC's third review conference

Pakistan participated in the third review conference for the Chemical Weapons Convention on Monday in The Hague.

Ambassador Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry, the leader of Pakistan's CWC delegation, delivered the national statement at the conference. Chaudhry discussed the steps taken by Pakistan to prevent the misuse of toxic chemicals and to promote peaceful uses of chemistry. The ambassador also announced the establishment of a Regional Assistance and Protection Center in Islamabad in cooperation with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Associated Press of Pakistan reports.

Pakistan's delegation contributed to the CWC deliberations, including a discussion on the future priorities of the OPCW as the chemical weapons stockpile held by major possessor states grows nearer to destruction. The delegation held meetings with important state parties and the director general of the OPCW to promote further cooperation between Pakistan and the organization.

Pakistan is an active OPCW member and has been elected consistently on the organization's executive council since 1998.

Pakistan developed indigenous assistance and protection capabilities to meet international standards to enhance chemical safety and security and respond to chemical emergencies. The OPCW held multiple international assistance and protection courses in Pakistan.

United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-moon attended the review conference and emphasized the need to work together to create a chemical weapon-free world, according to Associated Press of Pakistan.