North Korea threatens missile attack despite Security Council resolutions

With preparations being made by North Korea to launch a missile, acting Deputy Spokesperson Patrick Ventrell said if North Korea were to carry through with its threat, it would be in direct violation of Security Council resolutions.

For over a month, North Korea has been threatening to attack the U.S. and its allies. Threats have even gone so far as to warn of a nuclear strike on American soil.

The situation has been monitored closely for the past month, and last week, anti-ballistic vehicles were deployed to the region in case of an attack from North Korea.

"And of course, we're always taking a range of prudent measures, including on missile defense, to enhance our homeland security and our allied security," Ventrell said. "So we're fully capable of deterring, defending against, and responding to the threat posed to our allies and to the United States by North Korea."

With tensions high, questions have been asked whether the U.S. will start warning people to be extra careful. Ventrell said the situation remains the same and there are no particular precautions for American citizens to take at this time.

Ventrell also said that there has been nothing the U.S. government has seen in the past 24 hours to make them change their advice.