Ventrell: further North Korean nuclear tests would violate U.N. resolutions

Patrick Ventrell, the acting deputy spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, responded to questions on Monday related to recent claims that North Korea might be preparing another nuclear test.

When asked if the State Department had any information that North Korea might be indeed preparing another test, Ventrell said the department could not comment on matters of intelligence and what the department may or may not be seeing.

"But any future nuclear test or missile launch would be in direct violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and would lead to further pressure and isolation," Ventrell said. "So we would strongly discourage against that course of action, of course."

Ventrell also commented on China's harder stance on North Korea's rhetoric. Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Sunday that no country should be allowed to throw the region or the entire world into chaos for selfish reasons.

"We encourage the Chinese to make their case to Pyongyang that they have to refrain from provocative rhetoric and threats," Ventrell said. "So we'll continue to work with the Chinese, we'll continue to work with the Russians and other partners, to get North Korea to abide by its obligations."

Additionally, Ventrell reiterated department comments from Friday that the U.S. did not have an exact head count of U.S. citizens currently in North Korea.