U.S. comments on Syria's warnings to Jordan

The U.S. State Department commented on Syria's recent warning to Jordan during a daily press briefing on Friday conducted by spokesperson Victoria Nuland.

Jordan recently tightened its security along its border with Syria as Bashar al-Assad's regime warned Jordan it was playing with fire by letting the U.S. and other countries train and arm the Syrian opposition on its territory. When asked if the State Department was concerned about the escalation of tensions between Syria and Jordan, Nuland said the Syrian crisis is having an impact on more than Jordan alone.

"I think we are concerned about the impact that the Syria crisis has had on all of the bordering states - on Jordan, on Lebanon, on Turkey," Nuland said. "We've talked about this. The Jordanians, as you know, have been generous hosts to large numbers of Syrian refugees. We've been trying to help them with that problem, as has - as have others in the international community. But this is part and parcel of what Assad has wrought, that the entire region is in a state of tension and that there are border difficulties, et cetera."

When asked if the U.S. would be sending Patriot missiles to aid the Jordanians, Nuland declined comment and referred the question to the Pentagon.