U.S. providing technical support to U.N. chemical weapon investigation in Syria

The U.S. is supplying technical assistance to the U.N. team investigating chemical weapon use in Syria, though it will not participate directly in the team, a U.S. State Department spokesperson said.

Victoria Nuland, the spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, responded to questions on Thursday about the U.N. team that planned to arrive in Syria last week. The team will investigate the allegations of chemical weapons use during an attack in March.

Nuland said that while the U.S. will supply technical assistance to the U.N. team, it will not be directly participating.

"(Some time ago) there was a decision made that no P-5 countries would actually participate on the team, but that we are open to supporting the UN's efforts with appropriate information sharing, et cetera," Nuland said. "My understanding is that we have been open and transparent and that we will continue to try to be responsive to any requests that come our way."

When asked if any other government agencies were looking into the allegations of chemical weapon use, Nuland said the necessary departments were involved to obtain as much data as possible about the incident.

"We have a whole-of-government effort as necessary, both in terms of ensuring that we have a - as much information as we can about the situation in Syria across the board, and as I said, we are prepared as necessary from all agencies to support the U.N. effort however we can," Nuland said.