Hagel outlines new strategy to overcome challenges faced by the DoD

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlined a plan of attack for strategic forces and the financial challenges of the Defense Department during his first major policy speech as Pentagon chief.

Hagel, in a speech at the National Defense University on Wednesday, said that the DoD would face big choices due to a review of the department's strategic choices and management. Hagel, along with Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey will be heading the review, which is "about matching missions with resources -- looking at ends, ways and means," Hagel said.

The review will consider all choices -- "change that involves not just tweaking or chipping away at existing structures and practices but, where necessary, fashioning entirely new ones that are better suited to 21st-century realities and challenges," Hagel said. Reshaping the defense enterprise means confronting "the principal drivers of growth in the department's base budget -- namely acquisitions, personnel costs and overhead."

"The goal of the senior leadership of this department today is to learn from the miscalculations and mistakes of the past drawdowns, and make the right decisions that will sustain our military strength, advance our strategic interests, and protect our nation well into the future," Hagel said. Topics to be reviewed include military technology, personnel, funding for headquarters and sequestration

"We have made mistakes and miscalculations with our great power," Hagel said. "But as history has advanced, America has helped make a better world for all people with its power. A world where America does not lead is not the world I wish my children to inherit."