DiCarlo: U.S. proud to support U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo, the U.S. deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, spoke on Tuesday about the successful passage of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

DiCarlo said the treaty is effective, implementable, balanced and strong and that it may be able to command wide support. She said the treaty will regulate international conventional arms trade without impeding legitimate trade.

"The treaty is the product of a long, intensive negotiation, and I know that no nation, including my own, got everything it may have sought in the final text," DiCarlo said. "The result, however, is an instrument that succeeds in raising the bar on common standards for regulating international trade in conventional arms while helping to ensure that legitimate trade in such arms will not be unduly hindered."

DiCarlo said the negotiations stayed true to an original mandate from the U.N. General Assembly by staying open and transparent on the basis of consensus.

The treaty provides a clear standard for when the transfer of conventional arms is absolutely prohibited, such as when a state party knows the transfer will be used for crimes against humanity, genocide, enumerated war and other crimes. The ATT also requires state parties to conduct national assessments of the risk that a proposed export of weapons could be used to violate international humanitarian laws or in acts of terrorism and organized crime.