Visualant receives fifth ChromaID technology patent

Visualant, Inc., an industry leader in providing chromatic-based authentication, identification and diagnostic solutions, announced on Tuesday that it was awarded its fifth patent for its ChromaID technology.

This latest patent validates Visualant's mission to introduce more efficient authentication, identification and diagnostic methods into the marketplace and extends Visualant's intellectual property to cover medical diagnostics. The patent came after Visualant was recently awarded a PRISM award.

"We rigorously pursue strong protection for our intellectual property," Ron Erickson, Visualant Founder and CEO, said. "We are very pleased to receive this, our fifth patent. I want to especially acknowledge our Visualant scientific team led by Dr. Tom Furness and Dr. Brian Schowengerdt. We have more patents pending and expect more patents to be issued as we build the intellectual property foundation for Visualant's business and move into the marketplace with diverse applications of our ChromaID technology."

The Visualant Spectral Pattern Matching technology directs structured light onto a substance to capture a unique ChromaID. Then, when put against existing databases, ChromaID can be used to identify, detect or diagnosis markers invisible to the human eye.

Visualant is a public company under the symbol VSUL. They entered a one year Joint Development Agreement on May 31, 2012 with Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. The agreement focuses on commercialization of SPM technology and a License Agreement that gave Sumitomo an exclusive license of the SPM technology in certain Asian territories.