West Virginia first responders conduct disaster drill

Emergency officials and police officers in Monongalia County, West Virginia, conducted a disaster drill on Wednesday afternoon to prepare for a disease outbreak resulting from a natural or manmade incident.

The participants took part in the drill to improve their skills in case of a real emergency situation. The drill gave first responders the practice to know where to go and what to do during a major emergency in the area, WDTV.com reports.

"Being the size we are, with the transient population we have, there is that possibility of a medical outbreak that we would need to be prepared for," Mike Wolfe, the director of MECCA 9-1-1, said, according to WDTV.com.

Police and emergency officials gathered during a press conference in which they heard the simulated disaster scenario, which involved a terrorist attack using anthrax, WBOY.com reports.

"The Monongalia County Health Department Officials believe there's been a serious biological incident regarding a widespread biological release in Monongalia County," Susan Sullivan, the public information officer with the City of Morgantown, said, according to WDTV.com.

If a scenario like the simulation had occurred, people would have been directed to go to the Mylan Park Expo Center for further instructions.

"When you've got 15,000 people trying to come to one place it's important that each of those people know where to go," Sullivan said, according to WDTV.com.

Wolfe said he was pleased with the success of the drill, though he noted that communication could improve between the responders.

"The biggest thing is always communication," Wolfe said, according to WDTV.com. "You want to make sure everyone is always on the same page and you want to make sure we can effectively get that information out to the public."

Officials said a report on the drill would be released within a week, WBOY.com reports.