U.K. man accused of planning poison attack on bus

A mentally-ill man from Surrey, United Kingdom, was accused of two charges of possessing dangerous or noxious objects and making threats to kill, after police found 98 different chemicals in his home in October.

Prosecutors argued this week that Duncan Railton of Cranmer Close, Warlingham, had the ingredients for a viable chemical weapon at his home. Railton said he possessed the equipment and research needed to make chlorine, ricin and VX nerve gas during a session with psychiatrist James Ovens, BBC reports.

Ovens broke patient confidentiality after the session and notified police, leading to Railton's arrest on October 4.

Ovens took the stand during the trial and said Railton spoke of using VX nerve gas on a bus in Caterham.

"He was planning to kill and cause serious physical harm to numerous members of the public," Graham Smith, the prosecuting attorney, said, according to BBC. "He was planning to do this by releasing a chemical on public transport - he thought most likely a bus. He said (to Dr. Ovens) he had a large stash of chemicals at his home address. He appeared to be excited at the idea of the death and destruction they would cause."

When interviewed by police following his arrest, Railton said in a prepared statement that the things he said to Ovens were merely fantasies and he never meant to hurt anyone.

George Scott, Railton's defense attorney, said it was the first time Ovens met Railton and had not had the chance to build up a long-term picture of his personality. Scott also questioned Ovens' use of the word fantasy in his testimony.

"I wouldn't say the word fantasy means there is no chance of action, (or) that it is just thought," Ovens said, according to BBC.

The trial adjourned until Wednesday, BBC reports.