Kim Jong-un visits drone tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently supervised a drone attack on a simulated South Korean target.

North Korea's state-controlled news agency said the drone succeeded in shooting down a mock South Korean cruise missile. Pyongyang recently ramped up military exercises as a response to what it has been calling hostile actions by South Korea and the United States, according to the the Independent.

"The (drone) planes were assigned the flight route and time with the targets in South Korea in mind, Kim Jong-un said, adding with great satisfaction that they were proved to be able to mount (a) super-precision attack on any enemy targets," KCNA said, the Independent reports.

The KCNA report is unusual because it specified the exact date that Kim had visited a military drill. The report also said a rocket defense unit was able to strike a target mimicking a Tomahawk cruise missile.

A South Korean news outlet reported last year that North Korea may have acquired U.S. target drones from the 1970s. Other reports that Pyongyang has obtained drones have not been verified, according to the Independent.

The U.S. and South Korean militaries have recently conducted a series of joint military exercises in response to North Korea's successful nuclear weapons test in February.