Syrian jets attack Lebanon

Jets and helicopters from Syria fired four rockets at targets inside Lebanon on Monday four days after Damascus warned Lebanon it might attack suspected rebel sites.

Ahmad al-Fliti, the deputy mayor of the town of Arsal in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, said the Syrian jets shot rockets into the border villages of Wadi al-Khayl and Khirbet Youneen and caused only material damage. The two villages are approximately five kilometers into Lebanese territory, the Daily Star reports.

"This attack seems to be the beginning of something bigger," a security source said, according to the Daily Star. "The hills that were targeted (on the outskirts of Arsal) were attacked under false pretenses."

The U.S. and France both condemned the attack as a violation of Lebanese sovereignty.

"This constitutes a significant escalation in the violations of Lebanese sovereignty that the Syrian regime has been guilty of," Victoria Nuland, a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, said, according to the Daily Star. "These kinds of violations of sovereignty are absolutely unacceptable."

Syria sent a letter to Lebanon's Foreign Affairs Ministry last week that said Syria's troops were exercising self-restraint by not striking armed gangs in Lebanese territory to prevent them from crossing into Syria. The letter said the restraint would not last indefinitely, the Daily Star reports.