Indra develops CBRNe vehicle

Florida-based Indra Systems recently finished the development of a vehicle designed to recognize threats from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons.

The vehicle, which uses a commercial van as a platform, has also been designed to detect improvised explosive devices. There is room inside for a driver and an operations chief, who can use the system to safely travel through contaminated areas to perform a variety of tasks.

The van is entirely pressurized under normal circumstances. In case of an accident that affects its habitability, there is an oxygen mask system attached to a filtering device.

The specialized crew will have access to a system for detecting and identifying chemical compounds and remotely detecting contaminant clouds at a distance of up to five kilometers. They can also use the vehicle's mass spectrometry device to identify potentially dangerous substances. The vehicle also possesses a measurement and gamma spectroscopy system and another system that can sample suspended particles in order to detect nuclear and radiological materials.

The platform includes a biological agent detection and sampling system and a portable LIBS spectroscopy system to detect explosive material.

Indra said the vehicle is one of the most advanced systems of its type available on the civil market, and noted it can also be easily adapted for military use.