French magazine reports on Syrian nerve gas casualties

An expose in the French magazine Paris Match claims Syrian children and infants are being critically injured by nerve gas as the country's two-year-old civil war grinds on.

The magazine recently published disturbing images of an injured boy named Omar who claims to have been attacked by chemical weapons, according to Metro.

The 13-year-old is reportedly lucky to have escaped an attack on the city of Homs two months ago. During the attack he saw his entire family die. Omar described the Syrian regime as using a bomb like no other he had ever seen that disbursed a yellow smoke.

Omar has since been evacuated to Libya, but according to the magazine, has suffered paralyzed limbs, sores, blisters and burns. His injuries are consistent with an attack using a nerve gas, including Agent XV, which Syrian medical experts believe was dropped on Homs, Metro reports.

Omar travels to Tripoli each week to receive treatment from surgeon Dr. Ghazi Azward.

"Welcome to the kingdom of mysterious suffering," Azwad said, according to Metro.

Paris Match, with support from other French media outlets, has started calling on the West to intervene in the conflict.