Clapper: Assad increasingly likely to use CBRN weapons

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recently characterized the Syrian regime as increasingly beleaguered and more likely to employ chemical or biological weapons.

Clapper testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that the more tenuous Assad's hold on power, the more dangerous he could become. Assad is known to possess a biological and chemical weapons program that, as Clapper said, may have advanced beyond the research and development stage, according to

Clapper also said that the conventional weapons already possessed by the regime could be modified and used to deliver the weapons against rebel-held areas.

The director and other top intelligence officials testified in front of Congress about their annual analysis of global threats, including North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Clapper said the intelligence community could only estimate with low confidence whether the Kim regime would use a nuclear weapon if it felt its hold on power was threatened, reports.

"We do not know Pyongyang's nuclear doctrine or employment concepts," Clapper said, according to "Although we assess with low confidence that the North would only attempt to use nuclear weapons against U.S. forces or allies to preserve the Kim regime, we do not know what would constitute, from the North's perspective, crossing that threshold."