Arizona man appeals chemical attack conviction

A Tucson, Arizona, businessman recently appealed his conviction and sentencing on charges connected to a chemical weapon attack in 2009.

In October, a federal jury convicted Todd Fries and earlier this month he received a sentence of more than 12 years in prison followed by five years of supervised release, Tucson News Now reports.

The attack was allegedly an attempt at revenge on dissatisfied customers of Fries' business. A chemical mixture placed by Fries caused the evacuation of multiple homes on the northwest side of Tucson, according to Tucson News Now.

Fries allegedly put paint, feces, motor oil and dead animals on the driveway of Myles and Karen Levine and painted their house and driveway with graffiti using racial slurs. Upon searching Fries home, FBI agents found 37 firearms, explosives, books on revenge, a large sum of cash and recipes for making explosives. The Levines had a $200 dispute with Fries, reports.

"I'm glad [for] what he got, I think the FBI get a great job." Karen Levine said, according to "He didn't apologize to us."

The Levines said they suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from the incident. Later this month there will be a restitution hearing and in April there will be an additional trial related to the matter, reports.