Philippines law enforcers train for biological, chemical attacks

Experts with the military and police in the Philippines recently began training to counter potential chemical and biological weapon-based attacks by terrorist groups.

Rear Admiral Roberto Santos, the deputy chief for education and training, said military, police and government agencies classified as first responders were training to handle biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear explosives. He said the training, which was held at the headquarters of Western Mindanao Command, would give the groups the necessary skills to respond to any biological terrorist threat, reports.

The Canadian government sponsored the training and Canadian Ambassador Christopher Thornley visited the training on Monday.

Santos said the training will prepare Filipino law enforcers to respond to biological warfare in the midst of terrorist attacks in the Middle East. The Philippines is not discounting the possibility that it could be a target of attack since the country is taking a lead role in combating terrorism in Asia.

"We have not heard that the terrorists have shifted (to using biological or chemical bombs) but there were previous threats from previous experiences in other countries," Santos said, according to

Previous biological and chemical weapon training took place in Indonesia and Thailand.

Santos said that the units training will train other unit members to prepare for any attacks or threats, reports.